I launched my photo gallery in 2012 with the aim of focusing on images that look good on a wall and arrive ready to hang. I don't like to define myself by a particular genre of photography, though looking back at my collections, I do lean towards abstracts, minimalism and landscapes. I like to look for something a little quirky, though - like my theatre - I prefer simplicity.


I currently teach photography and graphic design in Japan.

At photos.kpburgess.com you can order fine quality prints at a range of sizes to suit your wall, as well as canvas and ready-framed photographs.


All images are original, and limited to 50 prints - so you can be sure you are getting unique art for your home or business.


For bespoke sizes or prints, or to commission bespoke images, simply contact me.


Licence images for digital or print use, editorial or commercial, instantly through the main gallery, or contact me.

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