I have worked professionally in theatres across the UK and Singapore as a designer, stage manager, director and actor.


I hold a first class Honours Degree in Technical Theatre, and a Masters Degree for my research into the role of design within Immersive Theatre. This research was published in 2013, in a book entitled, "Examining the Use of Theatrical Technologies in an Immersive Micro-Scene," which can be purchased from many places, including Amazon.


The theatre I create can be many things, but when it works it tends to be simple, connects to music, plays on fundamental visual and spatial relationships, and uses dialogue sparingly. Scripted plays I have directed tends to work closely with the designed environment.


For workshops, training, and theatre education, please see my Educator page.


To discuss how we may collaborate to create theatre, please do get in touch.

Books on Theatre by Kieran Burgess


Examining the Use of Theatrical Technologies in Creating an Immersive Micro-Scene:


We know that production design and theatrical technologies can add significant value to a piece of immersive theatre, but can they replace actors? Can we immerse audiences into a world not of their own, only or primarily using technology?


A research project was set up to answer these questions. The centrepiece was a piece of theatre based around the World Trade Centre attacks in New York City in 2001 - the event was staged in the year of the 10th anniversary of these attacks.


Technical theatre and Production Arts is growing rapidly. Now, students in lighting, sound, scenography and production support courses can spend their whole career exploring just one genre of theatre. This book explores how technical theatre - both artistic design and technical functionality - can be used within the field of immersive theatre.


A must-read for technical theatre academics, students of IB theatre, technical theatre, production arts or a specific technical discipline: lighting design, sound design and set design are all covered, as is the use of projection and video. Students will appreciate the rich source of references cited from a wide range of experts.


For directors and practitioners of immersive theatre, this book contains a range of discussion and observation of the genre from a non-technical angle: confronting issues surrounding immersion versus interactivity, audience suspension of disbelief, and how to navigate a devising process with inexperienced actors.


Coming soon (expected publish date, 2018):


Design, architecture, and scenography plays a vital role in 21st Century Theatre. How can architecture, space, and time play a central role in creating impact? How can collaborative theatre companies, directors, and actors experiment with design and scenography during the creative process? This book aims to answer these questions, providing both experienced and new designers, performers and directors with the tools and discussions to bring new dimensions to their creative thinking. Concepts and examples from across Eastern and Western theatre and theorists are used to illustrate aspects of design you should consider, from the space and format you choose to use, to lighting, sound, set, projections, immersivity and more. Students and teachers of theatre can also find many challenging questions in this book, with ideas on practical activities that can be undertaken in the rehearsal room to provide opportunities for scenographical clarity.

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