Examples of Workshops

Other topics and bespoke workshops available.

“Free Will Fakery”: Creating Immersive Theatre


The illusion of free will is at the heart of engaging immersive theatre. How do you create this illusion? How can scenography fit in? What techniques must actors master in order to effectively place participants into a world not of their own? Can immersive theatre borrow from site-specific and interactive theatres? This workshop will introduce key concepts of immersive theatre creation, allow practical inquiry into focused areas, and look at performance technique and design. Although designed for teachers, this workshop can be adapted for older students.


“It IS Possible to Enjoy The Tech”: How the teacher who does everything can prepare a stage for fabulousness and run a tech without losing hair or rag.


Directing, marketing, box office, costume, make-up, call sheets, worried parents, concerned teachers, prop-making, cat-herding… running a show in a school can be a serious undertaking. We’ll take a look at some of the little simple things that can make a massive impact on the professional values of what you present to an audience: masking; front of house; sight lines to name a few. We’ll also practice preparing for a technical rehearsal, looking at: prompt book; show operations; actor management.

“You Talk Too Much”: Devising using visual aesthetics


KISS: Keep It Simple, Stupid. We’ll take a look at how stripping out unnecessary layers of theatre can make it so much more likely to create powerful theatre. How do you create something from nothing, without even a script? How can we make sure an audience knows exactly what a piece is about, without boring them with heavy dialogue? We’ll be introduced to some fundamentals about visual aesthetics, shapes, stillness and transition whilst devising an original piece of theatre that uses few words. We’ll use some key building blocks of devising, and also some ‘milestoning’ to help us perform something from nothing.

“Making the Most of the Masters”: Making Solo Theatre, drawing inspiration from respected practitioners and theorists of varying cultures and periods.


As a standalone workshop, we take a whistle stop tour through an example of how to create a powerful moment of theatre using some practical explorations based on the ideas of a respected professional practitioner. This can be expanded into a series of workshops that guide participants through the contrasting ideas of theorists from Artaud to Zeami, creating an original piece of theatre through practical experimentation and application of theory. This workshop can be adapted to support teachers or students of IBDP Theatre who are thinking about the Solo Theatre Piece, with examiner’s insight into applying the criteria.

“Chiaroscuro”: Lighting Design for Non-Designers


Are you a little wary of the tech side of theatre? Do you keep your lighting simple or non-existent because you’re not sure what to do with it? Or are you brimming with desire to light up your life (or shows), but lacking access to equipment? In this workshop we will look at how to work with the fundamental properties of light to add meaning and symbolism to your productions. We will look at using simple torches and readily available light to create effective imagery on stage, and equip you with the starting points to use more sophisticated lighting equipment in your own work.

“Bring Me To Life”: How the magic of storytelling can be achieved with nothing more than paper in a dark room.


Using nothing but easily acquired items such as paper or fabric, we will give life to a new, peculiar kind of creature, who will awaken and explore its world under our watchful eye. Learning how simple storytelling should be, participants will give life to puppets in order for us to become engrossed in the story, acquiring puppeteering skills as well as universal narrative skills and understanding. What will you call your creature?

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